Mindsuckr's life is a Smiths song (mindsuckr) wrote,
Mindsuckr's life is a Smiths song

bills and mushroom tops

I had some problems with AT&T a bit back with mixed phone lines and $100 bills. I ended up getting it solved, getting the money credited, etc. The problem though was that they did not credit my credit card, but credited the account. I canceled my service with them after this and ended up with a balance of 1.53 in credit. I am now getting "bills" stating I have a balance of -1.53CR. I have a feeling I am going to get this bill for the rest of my life. The best thing about the bill? They included a paper saying how they are going green and everything. Oh the irony of it all.

You know the phrase "mushroom top"? I saw someone a few days ago that I referred to as having a "Hiroshima top". It was pretty epic.

Then today I saw a girl with a muffin top going on. The thing though was that her pants her so small they would not fit anymore. Her solution? Splitting the pants with a V in the waist-line. O_o
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