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Meeting Nick Cave (copied from Kelly)

So.. The Chicago trip was amazing.

The concert itself was fucking epic. He played some good songs- a few I didn't expect him to play- and really rocked out the entire time.  I mean the man was drenched in sweat by the end.  He played a  lot of new stuff, which somewhat sucked because I wanted to hear some more old stuff.   The new album is fucking awesome though, so no major complaints. 

We had met up with my friend, Valerie, and decided to go out to eat. We went to this little diner type place a ways away from where the show was.
Just before we were about to leave, she looks over and goes "OH shit it's Nick Cave"
Kelly and I both think Valerie is fucking with us... till I look over and freak out too. Sure enough NICK FUCKING CAVE WAS IN THE SAME DINER AS US.

We waited till they ordered and everything before going up. We ended up talking to them for a while and getting signatures from him and two band members - Mick Harvey and Warren Ellis.
Nick saw my Alien Sex Fiend patch and commented - then I asked him about Birthday Party and if he had the rights to the songs to play during Bad Seeds tour.  He then started singing us Nick the Stripper. He even grabbed my phone to record himself singing, which is now the most amazing ring tone ever.
We shook hands and left them alone to eat.. but Jesus Christ.

We fucking met Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, and Warren Ellis.

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