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mindsuckr's Journal

Mindsuckr's life is a Smiths song
8 December 1982
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I would say this is a journal worth reading. Tons of fun stuff is always posted, some thought provoking stuff, and wonderufl morbid facts are posted quite often.

Clothing: Lots of black, and band shirts in hopes of attracting other fans of similar music to strike up a fun conversation.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Green Mohawk with orange deathlocks
Job: Manager at Hot Topic in Belden Village Chapel Hill Southern Park Eastwood Mall.
Orientation: Straight
Music: Mainly goth (and by goth I mean Bauhaus, etc and not Slipknot) and industrial.
Books: The Little Prince, House of Leaves, and The Sandman series by Gaiman
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 120 pounds give or take 5 pounds depending on the day.
Diet Secret: I eat breakfast upon waking, 1/3 a box of wheat thins for lunch, and a light snack when getting home from work. I've barely eaten for so long that I do not really get too hungry anymore. Willpower is all it takes for about 4-8 years and eventually you learn to ignore hunger.


This is The Little Prince. It is one of my top 3 favorite books of all time. If you have never read it, please do. It will only take about 30 minutes and will have an impact on your way of thinking.

My Version of the History of Goth

It's well worth reading if you want to get a general history of the genre, and what it actually is.


"ugh..... hes disgusting. skinny boys are nasty - they all look tweaked out...." hec8e

"I feel huge and fat and gross after looking at him. I cried because I felt so horrid. " exgrlfrend69

"that rib thing isn't too attractive, if i do say so myself." _amni0tik

"I'm sorry, but he doesn't sound like good boyfriend material at all. What are you doing with him? You need someone nurturing, and validating, and comforting."auroraslave

"ugh to that.." spiderpirate


"but that guy could use his throat sliced." vanishingman

"fuck em." erratic138

"you're coming off a little harsh." theorkinman

"please dont hate me if i kick him in the shin if i see him ....." randomandroid23

"...stupid and shallow"onmyown05

"if he's gonna be that shallow, then let him. you can use it against him later."idealinpain

"REALLY dramatically out of kilter with rationality... i think he needs to resolve some issues"katsby

"You shouldn't make the people you "care about" feel like shit regardless of how 'honest' it may be. Abusive boyfriend were the words I do believe she used to describe you." (Anonymous)

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