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I went to see 21 tonight. It was a pretty good movie, but I like math and numbers more than the average joe. Kelly noted that 3 people walked out on the movie, so I guess it is not for everyone. Once the movie was over though, I noticed a really odd crowd there. There was a gang of 4 thuggish/neo-nazi looking kids that looked as dumb as a box of rocks. There there was another group of kids that looked like the other group, but far more thuggish. I noticed that as the guy got up, I saw his ass because his pants were pulled down. I am guessing that he didn't like the movie, and decided to make the most of a situation by getting some theater head by his girlfriend.

I was dealing with a really, really dumb girl the other day. She picked up a fairy pen that looked just like this one.

She pointed to the fairy picture on the background of the card. She then asked, "Does this draw this picture or is it just a pen?" I am not sure how she figured this pen would magically draw this detailed picture. Magically float...comes with a stencil...WHAT?!?

A kid was given brain damage when hit in the chest with a baseball and going into cardiac arrest. Sucks for him right? Well, might as well pursue the American dream and sue EVERYTHING POSSIBLE from the accident.

"The Domalewski family is suing Hillerich & Bardsby, the parent company of Louisville Slugger, which manufacturers the kind of bat used in the accident. Also named are the local Sports Authority, where the bats are sold, and the New Jersey State Little League, which uses the bats. The family claims that all three were aware of the inherent dangers of the aluminum bats,"

More details on the article HERE
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